Year 6 Movie Night

Information from SchoolSoft:

On December 14, from 17:00-19:00, we will have an evening for students and parents/guardians.

Students are invited to come to a Movie Night in the aula. They are welcome to bring a snack of their choice (no nuts or fizzy drinks).

At the same time, Parents/Guardians are invited to an Information Session and Fika in the restaurant.
The info session will be presentations on SchoolSoft and Social Media.
We will have fika after the presentations so you can get to know other families in your student’s year group.
You are welcome to bring fika to share with the group, and fika will also be available for purchase as part of a Y9 fundraiser.


Please confirm your attendance at Schoolsoft.

Happy First Birthday PTA IES Kista!!!

Happy First Birthday PTA IES Kista!

On 28th of November PTA IES Kista celebrated it’s first year as an official organization and the board members celebrated by selling fika at the Information Night for prospective Year 4 parents and future IES Kista students.

The PTA has invested in blue aprons with our PTA IES Kista logo, the outline of Kista, so at the guests who stopped by our table full of baked goods, such as cinnamon rolls, chocolate cake, soft gingerbread cake and apple muffins and much more, got a glimpse of our blue aprons which will come in handy for all future PTA events.

There have been many activities during our first year, such as handing out the Nobel Peace Prize to a deserving student, assisting with discos, LAN party and our main fundraising event – Kistaloppet and the International Food Court.

In December, the PTA is looking forward to many activities such as the school’s own Nobel Prize festivities, Lucia and Open Mic, a Winter Disco – keep a look out on SchoolSoft, on our website and in our Facebook group.

We always need for more parent members who can support the IES Kista students thru their involvement, please contact us at and spread the word to any other parents you know.

Overnight LAN is over, this is my feedback from it

Finally, that word has so many meanings after a weekend like this.

After a couple of weeks intense planning between Mr Brunelle and me (Daniel Elvnäs) on how to build up the network, the plan was laid out and invitations was sent out to the students.

The response was more massive than I expected, it was over 70 students that had signed up to be on this event and we had some parents signing up as well. It later showed that some students had signed up as parents, not students. So when the event started, we had over 75 students and less parents.

It was a mixed audience that came to the event:
– we had the PC players, bringing the laptop or stationary computer, with monitor, keyboard and mouse
– we had the console players, bringing xbox and playstation, some remembered to bring a screen or monitor with them, other Mr Brunelle managed to scramble for the players
– we had the mobile devices players, bringing their ipad, iphone, android or Nintendo Switch with them

The event started at 18:00, the students was signing in at the entrance and walked to the assigned classroom

Mr Brunelle and Mr Forrestel opened classroom after classroom to put the students in to be able to play, expectations was high in every classroom, the volume in the classroom was sometimes high.
Everyone started to connect to the Wifi created for the event, in one of the classroom we had installed 2 switches for computers that didn’t have any wireless network cards.

Lights was shutdown in most of the classrooms, the volume was lower, the players started to get more focused on the games and upcoming matches.

Now some of us parents atending the event, started to walk around in the school to take a look in each classroom, it was nice to stop and talk to other parents about the school and our children. Getting to know other parents and also the staff in the school was a great experience for me.

Soon I realized that we had missed something when we did the planning, some students didn’t get the opportunity to sit next to there friends, one reason was that they were coming in after 18:00 and most seats was taken. Nothing we could solve at that moment, for some it was solved and others was disappointed.

During the walks in the corridor we had a group of girls walking in pyjamas with there mobile phones, my first thought was that they experienced “A night at the museum” moment, maybe they was looking for something spooky or exciting in the school.

Later in the evening, we had 2 mothers with some students helping them making pizza for all of us in the school. It was a massive work and they did a outsplended work.
Every time I went by them I was given a smile, every student was given the same response and I just enjoyed the moment.
This is one of the reasons why it’s so fun doing the volunteering work with the school, most of the time you get instant feedback and you feel that you make a difference.

Later on the night, the classroom with the most computers, stepping in there was like walking into a wall of heat.
We had to open some windows to start cooling down the room and to get some fresh in to the room.

After many hours in to the night, feets and backs started hurting, the thoughts was processed slower and the speach was more and more slurred.

But I won’t miss a chance like this and ready to do it again

I would like to send a big thanks to:
all parents working at the event
all parents helping the students coming to the school with the equipment
all parents picking up the students in the middle of night or in the morning
all students helping out to create and assist in this event

But most of all, I would like to send a special thanks to:
Mr Brunelle, to take the time to arrange this and stay awake from friday morning until saturday afternoon
Mr Forrestel, to take the time to arrange this and stay awake from friday morning until saturday afternoon
Ms Jinnah, for coming in on Saturday morning and restoring the classrooms


I hope that it will be a Overnight LAN party during spring 2019, because I’m already ready to help with that

Are you ready for a new Overnight LAN party?

Open Mic Night

The PTA has been asked to contribute to the bake sale at first Open Mic night on Nov. 14 – if there’s anyone who is interested in donating some fika snacks for this event, please email All proceeds from the sales will go to the PTA and benefiting all students.

Information about the event here, from SchoolSoft:
The first Open Mic Night of the year will be held on Wednesday, November 14th from 17:00 to 19:00 in the aula.
There will be fika for sale as usual to raise money for PTA sponsored events in the school.
Mr. Brown

Thank you!

A big thank you to all our runners, parents & families who donated food & baked goods on our big Fun(d)raising day!

Thank you to the volunteers who helped put selling all the food & drinks, set-up and clean up! We had a great time!
No contribution is never too small!

Now we are looking forward to more joyful events during this schoolyear.

Next up: PTA annual meeting on Wednesday 26th Sept at 18:00
We hope to see you all there!


Schedule for Kistaloppet and International Food court

Here is some information about the event on Saturday September 22th.

We are trying to keep this event a cash free event and therefore provide a Swish account for the event 123 123 64 54. We will accept cash if exact amount is given (limited change available). Each ticket will cost 10kr and items will cost from 1 ticket upwards (minimum amount 10kr).

For those who run the Kistaloppet, get your own bibs at least 45 minutes before start of their race. The bibs can be picked up in Kista Science tower.
For more information about Kistaloppet visit

The times that apply on Saturday are as follows:

9:00-10:30 Volunteers to set up International Food Court tables etc.

10:30 Food donation drop-off, bring what you want to contribute

11:00 International Food Court opens

11:00 Mr. B’s BBQ Grill Extravaganza begins

12:10 Lilla Kistaloppet starts for Year 4

12:30 Kistaloppet Fun Run 4km start

14:00 Pick up your food containers.

14:30 Kistaloppet 10km start

14:00-15:00 Clean up by parent & student volunteers.
Cheer on runners participating in Kistaloppet.

One final wish from everyone, whether you run, bake or not: Come to the event!
If you want, dress in your house color.
Bring your family and your friends and have a fun day together!

Hope to see you all there!

Kallelse till PTA årsmöte / Call to PTA annual meeting

PTA IES Kista kallar alla föräldrar och vårdnadshavare till årsmöte onsdagen den 26 september 2018, kl. 18:00-20:00 i IES Kista auditorium.

Det är av väldigt viktigt att föräldrar och vårdnadshavare deltar och gör sin röst hörd för att kunna stötta PTAs arbete att stödja elevernas bästa genom sin hela utbildningstid på IES Kista.

Enligt stadgarna, krävs inbetald medlemsavgift för att ha rösträtt vid mötet.

För rösträtt på årsmötet betala in årliga medlemsavgiften 100 kr/familj till SWISH 123 123 64 54 eller till PTAs konto i Swedbank 8327-9, 694 059 652-8 senast den 24/9. Märk din betalning med ditt namn och elevens / elevernas namn.

Se fullständig kallelse och mötesagenda i det bifogade dokumentet.

PTA IES Kista requests all parents and guardians to attend the annual meeting on Wednesday 26 September, at 18:00-20.00 at the IES Kista auditorium.

It is of utmost importance that parents and guardians participate and make their voices heard, in order to support the PTAs work to support the students’ best interest thru their education at IES Kista.

According to the statues, it is required to have paid the annual membership fee in order to have voting rights at the meeting. Membership fees are due yearly.

To have voting rights at the annual meeting, pay the membership fee of 100 kr/family to SWISH 123 123 64 43 or to PTAs account in Swedbank 8327-9, 694 059 652-8 by 24 September. Please mark your payment with your name and student name(s).

Please see complete call and meeting agenda in the enclosed document.