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Short update from the PTA

Dear all,

So finally we have reached the highlight of the year (at least for the students :-)), last day of the school year.

From the PTA it’s been a tough year with “ups and downs”, members that have left the team and new ones coming in, parents meetings with many participant and other with only PTA members attending.

In the beginning the PTA had big plans for the students with separate events for each grade, that in the end had to be scrapped due to various factors. In the end we believe that we are on the right track with the upcoming event in september, “International food day” in conjuction with a fun(d) run (Kista Loppet). We hope to see a lot of you helping out with the final planning of this great event after the summer break.

As a final note, we would like to inform you that we did achieve a small milestone we set out in the beginning. The PTA assisted the 9 grades with arranging 2 discos in the school, the profit they made for this they will spend on bowling tonight and they also went for a “fika” with the teachers at Starbucks last night.

We wish you all a nice summer break and see you back in august.

/The PTA Team