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The new PTA Board

The new board is now elected.

The following persons were elected to attend the Board’s next fiscal year:

Anna Ahlström

Vice chairwoman
Ylva Elvnäs

Lena Buhre

Gabriella Fällman

Other boardmembers
Kim Raihle Held
Richard Fagerberg
Tomas Lundström
Stuart Hyde
Selwa Bahram

Seen from left to right: Selwa Bahram, Stuart Hyde, Lena Buhre, Kim Raihle Held, Gabriella Fällman, Ylva Elvnäs, Rickard Fagerberg.

Absent from the picture are chairwoman Anna Ahlström and Thomas Lundström.


PTA constituent meeting

See attached invite to PTA constituent meeting November 28th at school.

PTA Constituent Meeting 20171128

Please read thru the proposed statues here before meeting. Any concerns in regards to the statues should be mailed to the PTA by 25 November to

We will also elect Board members for the 2017/18 school year, if you are interested to be part of the Board or have any questions what it entails to be a member of the PTA Board, please send an e-mail to

Due to legal requirements as when formally establish an organisation in Sweden the meeting will be held in Swedish, but translations to English will be provided if necessary.



Open Mic Night

The PTA has been asked to contribute to the bake sale at first Open Mic night on Oct. 26 – if there’s anyone who is interested in donating some fika snacks for this event, please email All proceeds from the sales will go to the PTA and benefiting all students.

Information about the event here, from SchoolSoft:
Students and parents are welcome to come and have some fika which will be sold throughout the evening. There will be both student and teacher performances consisitng of dance, comedy, and music. Hope to see you there!!!!

Mr. Brown and Mr Strålin

Disco Year 4-6

Hello parents,

The PTA are looking for a few parent (6 to 10 parents) volunteers who can assist the Year 9 (Class 9D) when they are organizing the first disco of the school year for the students in Years 4, 5, and 6 on Friday Oct. 20. The hours of the disco is 17:00 to 21:00

If your student is planning on attending, would you please consider helping out with set-up, front-door security, clean up for a few hours?

The Year 9 students appreciate your help. There will be snacks and drinks available for sale. Disco tickets cost 30 kr at the door.

Please e-mail if you are available to help out. Or comment on this post that you can make it. Thank you!

Our first event was a success

Our first annual event at Saturday September 16th was very successful!

There were many who had helped bake and cook. Many good dishes and pastries were available for sale.
We also had many talented students who ran the Kistaloppet. For results please see

We earned a lot of money to our students. The money will be allocated between the years to enable more fun activities for the students to come forward.

We want to thank all the teachers, students and parents who made this event a wonderful day!

If you have any photos from our event you wish to share with the PTA IES Kista, please e-mail to:
Pictures from the event are coming soon.

Final information about the Fun(d)raising event September 16th

We have had the last meeting before the event and some adjustments have been made.
We will NOT have any preparations on Friday 15th.

To you who´s baking or cooking, if you have not submitted your ingredient list, bring it to your dish on Saturday morning.

We are trying to keep this event a cash free event and therefore provide a Swish account for the event (070-3823569). We will accept cash if exact amount is given (limited change available). Each ticket will cost 10kr and items will cost from 1 ticket upwards (minimum amount 10kr).

For those who run the Kistaloppet, get your own number tag. The following times and places apply to this:

Folkets hus i Rinkeby – Thursday September 14th 14:00-18:00
Kista Science Tower – Friday September 15th 12:00-18:00
Kistas Science Tower – Saturday 16th September 09:30-14:00
You can pick up your number tag up to 30 minutes before starting.
There will be opportunity to walk in groups from school before the race starts.

One final wish from everyone who works with the event, whether you run, bake or not: Come to the event!
If you want, dress in your house color.
Bring your family and your friends and have a fun day together!

The times that apply on Saturday are as follows:

8:30 preparations starts, set table, take food donation etc

8:45-9:30 food donation drop-off, bring what you want to contribute

9:30-10:00 set up food stations, warm up foods, etc.

11:00 first chef demonstration with Chef Fred & Mr Brunelle

12:10 Year 4 start Lilla Kistaloppet * * at Färögatan

12:15 Year 5 & 6 start Lilla Kistaloppet*

12:30 Kistaloppet Fun Run 2 km start*

13:00 second chef demonstration with Chef Fred & Mr Brunelle

14:30 Kistaloppet 10 KM start*

14:45-15:00 pick-up your dishes, serving platters etc.

15:00-16:00 clean-up of cafeteria

Hope to see you there!

Final week before the event

Final week of preparations before the event.

Meetings on Wednesday 13th Sep and Friday 15th Sep at 17:00 at the school.

We still need parent volunteers to sign-up for different activities:

– set-up on Friday (15/9)

– the sales booth of tickets for the food court

– security (to ensure that we only go to the areas provided by the school)

– clean-up after the event

The more parents who help out, the less work for everyone.

For more information or to sign-up, send an email to

We need more parents

We are getting closer to the “event of the year”. The students have been informed in the school about the upcoming event and should have received the entry forms for the Food Court and the race itself (one combined form). Some may also been given the colorful Kista Loppet form from the organizers of Kistaloppet.

Otherwise you can print it here. Kistaloppet-form

The next planning meeting for our upcoming event “Kistaloppet & International Food Court” is scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday Sept. 6 at 17:00 at the school.

We need parent volunteers to sign-up for different activities:

– set-up on Friday (15/9)

– the sales booth of tickets for the food court

– security (to ensure that we only go to the areas provided by the school)

– clean-up after the event

The more parents who help out, the less work for everyone.

Please ask your children about the sign-up flyer available at reception at the school. Last day to sign-up to run Kistaloppet or Lilla Kistaloppet thrue the school/PTA is this Thursday, Sept. 7.